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Teknipure is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative cleanroom and other controlled environments consumable contamination solutions.

Their products are designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination effectively and efficiently.

Since 2008, Teknipure has responded to market needs by developing and supplying easy-to-use, well-identified, and continuously available products that are manufactured according to the most stringent standards.

Midwest Production Supply carries a wide variety of Teknipure cleanroom products including clean room wipers, swabs and mops.


The TekniSwab family of products are intended for critical cleaning applications of various degree. All products are manufactured and tested to meet stringent specifications.

All swabs are cleanroom laundered and come with double-layered. high-strength, and high solvent capacity heads. The TekniSwabs are Class 10/ISO 4 laundered and packaged per SPC, and they are free of organic contaminants such as silicone, amide, and phthalate esters.

Since they provide the highest cleanliness and are best “pick-up”, they are ideal for cleaning critical surfaces. TekniSwabs’ design provides consistent force and surface contact for cleaning small and hard to reach areas. Their ESD handles make them safe to use with static-sensitive components. Our TekniSwabs are available in many standard and custom configurations.


Teknimop is an excellent choice for controlled environment cleaning of floors, walls, & ceilings. Best performance is provided by combining the “pick-up” of microfiber, absorbency of foam, & strength of polyester. Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use on all surfaces; best performance at economical costs.


TekniClean wipers are made from start to finish with the most demanding specifications and results in mind. Teknipure utilizes advanced production and cleaning technologies; investing in purity thru innovative technology. We manufacture three grades of product purity (TC3, TC2, TC1) which include the most critical micro-contamination control needs to general lint-free surface cleaning and wrapping of controlled surfaces in ISO 5-7 environments.