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AirClean Systems

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Discover how AirClean Systems can elevate your lab’s cleanliness and precision with their innovative solutions. From laminar flow hoods to PCR workstations, achieve optimal results with our comprehensive range.

Air Clean Systems: Elevate Your Lab’s Cleanliness and Precision

Enhance your lab with AirClean Systems’ cutting-edge clean air solutions. Moreover, from laminar flow hoods to PCR workstations, achieve optimal results with our range.

Laminar Flow Hoods:
  • Ensure purity with HEPA-filtered air flow. Additionally, prioritize operator safety with various airflow velocities. Furthermore, choose flexible configurations to suit specific needs.
Powder Containment Enclosures:
  • Guarantee precise weighing and eliminate cross-contamination. Furthermore, safeguard operators with advanced filtration and negative pressure airflow. Additionally, streamline workflows with ergonomic designs and variable airflow control.
PCR Workstations:
  • Enhance accuracy with ISO 5-classified clean air options. Additionally, combat contamination concerns with integrated UV sterilization. Moreover, boost efficiency with adjustable lighting and ergonomic features.
Why Choose AirClean Systems?
  • Trust over 30 years of expertise in crafting clean air solutions. Additionally, rely on unmatched quality with American-made products. Furthermore, benefit from dedicated support throughout your journey.

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