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Static Control Products

Static Control Products

Keep your controlled environment free of static with static control products from Midwest Production Supply.

Most companies that have controlled environments know the importance of static control products. We can help reduce static in a number of ways; ESD Apparel, Ionization, ESD Packing, ESD Gloves, Personnel Grounding, ESD Matting, and much more.

All of our static control products are from manufacturers we have experience with and trust.

Contact us today and let us know how we can assist.

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Custom modular cleanrooms designed for your business.


Meet all your packaging needs with our many different types of sealable films.

All Clean Room Films are certified Clean to level 50 or 100 and are made in an ISO Class 5 Clean Room. Custom sizes are available.


Seal your bags/tubing with our line of quality sealers.