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Static Control Products

Static Control Products

Keep your controlled environment free of static with static control products from Midwest Production Supply.

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Static electricity can be a pesky nuisance, causing everything from annoying shocks to critical malfunctions in sensitive environments. But fear not! Midwest Production Supply offers a comprehensive selection of static control products to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

Ground Yourself with Wrist Straps and Grounders:
  • ESD wrist straps: These comfortable, adjustable bands prevent static buildup by channeling it safely through a grounding cord. Choose from conductive fabric or coil cord designs to suit your needs.
  • Heel and sole grounders: For added protection, consider footwear with built-in grounding points or conductive shoe covers.
Neutralize the Charge with Ionizers:
  • Air ionizers: These devices release positive and negative ions into the air, neutralizing static charges on surfaces and equipment. Choose from bar-style, nozzle-shaped, or portable options.
  • Benchtop ionizers: Protect sensitive work areas with compact ionizers that create a localized zone of neutralized air.
Shield Your Surfaces with Static Control Tape and Coatings:
  • ESD tape: Apply conductive tape to benchtops, carts, and tools to dissipate static buildup. Choose from various widths and adhesive strengths.
  • Static control coatings: These invisible coatings create a permanent anti-static barrier on surfaces, ideal for long-term protection.

Go Beyond the Basics with Specialized Products:

  • Static control bags and pouches: Safely store and transport sensitive electronics with anti-static packaging.
  • ESD cleaning wipes and solutions: Remove dust and contaminants that can attract static buildup.
  • Static meters: Monitor the level of static charge in your environment to ensure optimal protection.

Midwest Production Supply is your one-stop shop for all your static control needs. With a diverse range of products from leading brands like Statmaster and Simco, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Browse their selection online or contact their knowledgeable team for expert guidance.

Invest in static control, invest in peace of mind. By proactively managing static electricity, you can prevent costly damage, improve product quality, and ensure the safety of your personnel.


  • Always use grounding cords and straps properly to ensure effective static control.
  • Choose products that are compatible with the materials and equipment you’re working with.
  • Regularly inspect and replace your static control products for optimal performance.

With Midwest Production Supply as your partner, you can say goodbye to static and hello to a smoother, safer, and more productive environment.