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Create a high-tech cleanroom with Modular Softwall & Rigid Wall Systems from Midwest Production Supply.

Our rooms are guaranteed to meet or exceed ISO Class 8(100,000) to ISO Class 4(10). We utilize aircraft grade aluminum primarily for framing unless Steel is needed for added strength. Our rooms can be assembled/disassembled easily and can also be expanded at any time down the road as your business grows. In addition, the Logi-Clean system also does not require any drilling or tapping due to the T-Slot fastening system that is used making the assembly cleaner and easier to install. All of our Rooms come with motorized Fan Powered Hepa/Ulpa Units, LED Lights, Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles, Grid and optional Pre-Wire Package and Electrical Outlets.


Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect Cleanroom for your application.
Rigidwall Cleanroom

Logi-Clean Rigidwall Cleanroom

Our rigidwall cleanroom options are cost-effective and high-performing, while offering just as much flexibility as our softwall cleanroom, while also offering an even more durable wall system. We use a LogiClean modular design that keeps exceptional cleanliness and is very versatile. Unlike hardwall cleanrooms, rigidwall cleanrooms are able to be taken down and easily relocated. As your business grows, you’re also able to easily add on to your rigidwall cleanroom, helping you meet all your business needs. Since our cleanrooms aren’t permanent structures, you’re able to use them where you need them and when you need them. LogiClean cleanrooms are designed for ISO 8 to ISO 4 classifications, meeting ISO standards and exceeding your own.

Rigidwall Cleanroom
Logi-Clean Softwall Cleanrooms

Logi-Clean Soft Wall Clean Rooms

A modular softwall cleanroom from Technical Air Products is a flexible, cost-effective way to create a clean air environment. Our proprietary LogiClean® design allows you to quickly and easily turn any space into a high-performance cleanroom. Our modular softwall cleanrooms are durable, adaptable to your specific needs and expandable as your business grows. Our modular cleanroom design makes it easy to install and move, and economical to add on to. In fact, you can completely assemble a LogiClean® softwall cleanroom frame and curtains with only a screwdriver and two wrenches. If flexibility and price is important to your operation, then a modular softwall cleanroom from Technical Air Products is the solution for you.

PortaFab CleanLine Modular Cleanroom Systems


The PortaFab CleanLine System is an all-purpose solution for creating a cleanroom or environmental enclosure that will fit almost anyone’s needs. Designed for applications from ISO 4 to ISO 8 cleanroom environments, the CleanLine system is a versatile yet cost effective solution for simpler applications involving basic process segmentation or control over air quality, temperature, or humidity. CleanLine Systems can be installed as a free-standing envelope structure independent of the rest of the building, or as floor-to-ceiling systems that connect to the underside of a ceiling grid system or a building deck. We guarantee our Cleanline cleanrooms will meet the Class they are designed for.