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Cleanroom Floor Mats

Cleanroom Floor Mats

Remove contaminates from carts and footwear with Cleanroom Mats by Midwest Production Supply. 

Despite best efforts to keep footwear and cart wheels clean, contaminates will easily stick to them. Using cleanroom mats is the best way to counteract this. Mats are also beneficial as a static control measure and anti-fatigue equipment, making them versatile and important for any cleanroom environment.

We have a variety of products that come in the top brands, offering high-quality materials that will prevent contaminates in a wide range of cleanroom classifications.

Our sticky floor mats contain multiple layers and come in a variety of styles. If you need help finding the right floor mat, we’re ready to help. Our team of controlled environment experts will listen to your needs, and help you find the product or products that will serve you the best.

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