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Cleanroom Mops

Cleanroom Mops

Keep your floor shining with Cleanroom Mops and Buckets from Midwest Production Supply. 

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Maintain a Pristine Cleanroom with High-Performance Mops from Midwest Production Supply

In the critical environment of a cleanroom, maintaining a pristine and controlled space is crucial. That’s where high-quality cleanroom mops come in, playing a vital role in effectively removing contaminants and ensuring the integrity of your sensitive processes.

Midwest Production Supply offers a comprehensive selection of cleanroom mops to meet the diverse needs of your cleanroom:

Loop Mops:

  • Highly absorbent and durable, ideal for general cleaning in cleanrooms.
  • Available in various sizes and styles to suit your specific needs.
  • Made from materials like microfiber and polyester to minimize particle generation.

Flat Mops:

  • Offer superior cleaning performance for large floor spaces.
  • Available with single-sided or double-sided microfiber heads for increased efficiency.
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort and reduce fatigue during cleaning.

Sponge Mops:

  • Effectively remove spills and liquids from cleanroom surfaces.
  • Made from absorbent materials like cellulose or synthetic sponges.
  • Available in various sizes and shapes to reach hard-to-clean areas.

Wall and Ceiling Mops:

  • Specially designed for cleaning walls and ceilings in cleanrooms.
  • Extendable handles provide access to high areas without ladders or scaffolding.
  • Microfiber heads capture dust and contaminants effectively.

Mop Systems:

  • Provide complete mop solutions, including buckets, wringers, and cleaning solutions.
  • Simplify the cleaning process and improve efficiency.
  • Available in various configurations to suit different cleanroom needs.

Why Choose Midwest Production Supply for Cleanroom Mops?

  • Wide variety of cleanroom mops from leading brands including Berkshire, Contec, Teknipure, Perfex and Vileda Professional.
  • High-quality materials and construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Competitive prices and fast shipping.
  • Expert customer service to help you choose the right mop system for your cleanroom.

Browse our online selection or contact us today to learn more about our cleanroom mops and how they can help you achieve optimal cleanliness and maintain a controlled environment.