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Cleanroom Mops

Cleanroom Mops

Keep your floor shining with Cleanroom Mops and Buckets from Midwest Production Supply. 

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Midwest Production Supply offers a complete line of mopping products, including wall and ceiling mops, for critical and cleanroom environments. Whether disinfecting or cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, or inside bio-safety cabinets and isolators, we have a cleanroom mopping system or cleaning tool that meets the demanding requirements of today’s high-tech industries. Many of our cleanroom mops are available with a sterile validation for use in aseptic environments.

We carry cleanroom mops from the leading manufacturers in the industry including: Berkshire, Contec, Perfex, Scapa and Teknipure.

Shop our selection of high quality mop buckets, mop frames, mop handles, mop heads, mop systems and tacky rollers.  We offer mops in a variety of materials including foam, microfiber, nylon and polyester depending upon your specific needs.

Contact Midwest Production Supply for assistance in selecting the correct mop products to fit your requirements.