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Lakeland produces high-quality protective clothing, made for the cleanroom environment.

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Safeguard Your Critical Environments with Lakeland CleanMax Apparel

When it comes to cleanroom operations, maintaining a pristine environment is paramount. Every particle, fiber, and speck of dust matters, making the choice of cleanroom apparel critical. That’s where Lakeland, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom garments, steps in. And Midwest Production Supply brings Lakeland’s exceptional quality and variety right to your fingertips.

Uncompromising Protection:

Lakeland CleanMax apparel, available at Midwest Production Supply, is meticulously designed to:

  • Minimize particle shedding: From low-linting fabrics to specialized seams and closures, Lakeland garments significantly reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Maximize worker comfort: Breathable fabrics, ergonomic designs, and features like taped seams and anti-static properties ensure worker comfort and productivity throughout the workday.
  • Adhere to strict cleanroom standards: Lakeland offers garments for various ISO classifications, ensuring you have the right level of protection for your specific needs.
A Garment for Every Need:

Lakeland’s extensive selection at Midwest Production Supply caters to diverse cleanroom requirements. Explore options like:

  • Coveralls: Available in disposable and reusable styles, Lakeland CleanMax coveralls provide head-to-toe protection with features like attached hoods, boot covers, and elasticated wrists and ankles.
  • Gowns: Choose from hooded or collarless gowns, ideal for controlled environments requiring less comprehensive coverage.
  • Frocks: Lakeland frocks offer a comfortable and economical option for tasks with lower contamination risks.
  • Shoe covers and boots: Ensure complete foot protection with Lakeland’s selection of disposable and reusable shoe covers and boots, featuring anti-slip properties and various closure options.
Beyond the Basics:

Lakeland CleanMax garments go the extra mile with features like:

  • Innovative fabrics: Lakeland utilizes advanced materials that offer exceptional particle barrier properties and breathability.
  • Launderable reusability: Extend the life of your cleanroom apparel with Lakeland’s durable, launderable garments, a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Partner with Midwest Production Supply:

Choosing Lakeland CleanMax apparel from Midwest Production Supply means you’re partnering with a trusted provider dedicated to your success. They offer:

  • Extensive product knowledge: Their team can help you navigate the diverse Lakeland selection and find the perfect garments for your specific needs.
  • Competitive pricing: Midwest Production Supply ensures you get the best value for your cleanroom apparel investment.
  • Reliable service: From ordering to delivery, they make the process smooth and efficient.

Invest in Lakeland cleanroom apparel from Midwest Production Supply. Safeguard your critical environments, prioritize worker comfort, and experience the difference that top-quality cleanroom garments can make.