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Hardwall Cleanrooms

With a quality Hardwall Cleanroom from MPS, you’ll be able to easily meet ISO Class 8(100,000) to ISO Class 4(10) Classifications. Our rooms are used for a wide range of industries and applications, and are also easily assembled and expanded as your business grows. Both our LogiClean and PortaFab cleanrooms are guaranteed to meet the Class they are designed for.

Logi-Clean Cleanrooms

Hardwall Cleanroom

Logi-Clean Hardwall Cleanrooms utilize a robust wall system that looks great and are cost effective. They are easy to assemble/disassemble and can be easily added on to. The cleanrooms offer the reliability to hold up to stingent cleanroom standards, all while offering a versatile design which allows it to fit almost any need.

Modular Cleanrooms From Starrco

Hardwall Cleanroom

The Modular Cleanroom from Starrco is an all-purpose solution for creating cleanrooms or environmental enclosures that will fit almost anyone’s needs. The Starrco system, designed for applications from ISO 4 to ISO 8 cleanroom environments, provides a versatile yet cost-effective solution which can be free-standing or floor-to-ceiling.

Customizable. Low Cost. Built to Last.


All modular hardwall cleanrooms meet ISO 8 to ISO 4 (Class 100,000 to Class 10) air cleanliness ratings.


Hardwall cleanroom walls are expandable as your business requirements change.


Cost savings of 25-30% over traditional stick-built and hardwall cleanrooms.


Fabricated aluminum extrusion ceiling and wall framing to prevent contamination.

Customer Testimonials

“In our search for a supplier of a new clean room, we were directed to Mike Riley and team at MPS and their Rigid Wall Clean Room Systems. Not only did they supply the clean room, but they also supplied the full service from purchase through complete installation, including the inventory required to outfit our team for this new space. We are beyond happy with our new Rigid Wall Clean Room and the service provided by MPS.” ­-Jeremy Ward, VP of Operations, Enova Illumination, Inc.


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