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CT International

CT International cleanroom apparel is a trusted brand of latex and nitrile products intended for ISO 4 and ISO 5 rooms. CTI products are well known for their durability and cleanliness, delivering outstanding fit and comfort.

We have gloves, shoe covers, bouffants, and beard covers in this brand, all available in a number of sizes. Midwest Production Supply is the best place to buy CT International products online.

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CT International, where safety meets innovation in their exceptional line of nitrile and latex gloves and shoe covers. CTI gloves are crafted to deliver superior protection, comfort, and performance across a spectrum of applications. Whether you’re in healthcare, laboratory work, or any industry that demands precision and safety.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Materials: CT International takes pride in sourcing high-quality nitrile and latex materials to ensure our gloves meet and exceed industry standards. Experience the reliability and durability you can trust in critical environments.
  2. Precision Fit and Comfort: CTI gloves are designed for an ergonomic fit, providing a natural feel and enhanced dexterity. As a result, say goodbye to discomfort and hello to prolonged wear without sacrificing precision and tactile sensitivity.
  3. Nitrile Excellence: CT International’s nitrile gloves offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, punctures, and abrasions. Perfect for industries where protection against a wide range of substances is crucial, our nitrile gloves provide a reliable barrier without compromising flexibility.
  4. Latex Sensitivity: For those who prefer latex, CTI gloves offer exceptional sensitivity and elasticity. The latex line is designed to provide a snug fit while maintaining the natural feel required for intricate tasks. Thus, enjoy the comfort and flexibility that only latex gloves can provide.
  5. Versatility Across Industries: Whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing, or laboratory settings, CT International’s nitrile and latex gloves are versatile enough to meet the demands of your industry. From sterile to non-sterile options, we have the right gloves for your specific needs.
  6. Safety First: CT International prioritizes safety in every design. Our gloves undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure they meet or exceed international safety standards. Protect your hands with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and trusted partner in CT International.

Choose CT International for a hand-in-glove fit between protection and performance. Explore our comprehensive range of nitrile and latex gloves today and elevate your commitment to safety and precision.