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Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies

Maintain an efficient and effective controlled environment with Cleanroom Supplies from Midwest Production Supply.

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Maintain a Pristine Environment with Cleanroom Supplies from Midwest Production Supply

Achieving optimal contamination control in your cleanroom environment requires the right tools and supplies. At Midwest Production Supply, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality cleanroom supplies to help you maintain a pristine workspace and ensure the integrity of your sensitive processes.

Our Diverse Range of Cleanroom Supplies:

  • Cleanroom Wipes:
    • Available in dry and pre-saturated options, ideal for wiping down surfaces and cleaning spills.
    • Made from soft, non-abrasive materials like polyester and cellulose to minimize particle generation.
    • ESD wipes dissipate static electricity safely, protecting sensitive electronic components.
    • Sterile wipes are gamma-irradiated for applications requiring complete sterility.
  • Cleanroom Apparel:
    • Includes cleanroom gowns, coveralls, frocks, bouffant caps, beard covers, and shoe covers to prevent contamination from hair, skin, and footwear.
    • Available in various materials and styles to suit different cleanroom classifications and user preferences.
    • Many cleanroom garments are anti-static to prevent static discharge and protect sensitive electronics.
  • Cleaning Solutions:
    • Formulated specifically for cleanroom environments, effective against various contaminants.
    • IPA (isopropyl alcohol) solutions are ideal for quick cleaning and degreasing.
    • Disinfectant solutions offer broad-spectrum protection against bacteria and viruses.
    • Detergent solutions are formulated for cleaning floors, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Sticky Mats and Cleanroom Tape:
    • Capture dirt and debris from footwear before entering the cleanroom, reducing contamination risks.
    • Available in various sizes and adhesive strengths to suit different cleanroom needs.
    • Cleanroom tape is used to seal off sensitive areas and prevent contamination migration.
  • Mop Systems and Cleaning Tools:
    • Mops, buckets, and cleaning cloths designed for cleanroom environments, minimizing particle generation.
    • Specialized tools like squeegees and brushes help effectively clean various surfaces and equipment.

Midwest Production Supply: Your Trusted Source for Cleanroom Supplies

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality cleanroom supplies at competitive prices. We offer:

  • Extensive product selection to meet diverse cleanroom needs.
  • Leading brands in the cleanroom industry.
  • Fast shipping and reliable delivery.
  • Expert customer service to help you choose the right supplies for your cleanroom.

Browse our online selection or contact us today to learn more about our cleanroom supplies and how MPS can help your organization achieve optimal contamination control.