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Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies

Maintain an efficient and effective controlled environment with Cleanroom Supplies from Midwest Production Supply.

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Midwest Production Supply offers a full line of Cleanroom Supplies from leading manufacturers including Berkshire, Contec, Purus, AK Ltd, Perfex, Steris, Teknipure, Ultra Tape, Dycem and Scapa.

Browse our site for a wide variety of Cleanroom Supplies to meet your clean room needs.  We carry high quality Cleanroom Mops, frames, buckets, anti-fatigue floor mats, tacky mats, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom wipes, cleanroom tape, vacuums and cleanroom paper.

With hundreds of items to choose from, please contact Midwest Production Supply to assist with the selection of the correct products to meet your specific cleanroom needs or to answer any questions you may have.