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What is an Ionizer and What Does it Do?

What is an Ionizer and What Does it Do?

An Ionizer neutralizes static charges by creating positive and negative Ions. If there is a positive charge present, it will attract the negative ions that the Ionizer has created and will negate the charge. Similarly, if there is a negative charge present, the positive Ions created by the Ionizer will attract to it and again neutralize the charge.

Ionization is the only thing that will take away a charge from an insulative object. Ionization is especially helpful for keeping products and work areas clean from Foreign Material.

Statically charged objects are often magnets to unwanted particles. By taking the charge away from these objects and work areas will result in cleaner products. We have also found Ionization to be very beneficial in Gown Room applications by using powerful Overhead Ionizers inside the entrance to the Gown Room and at the entrance to the Clean Room from inside the Gowning area. The units function like an Air Shower would but neutralize static on personnel helping charged particles fall to ground within the Gown Room vs bringing them into the Clean Room.

In addition, Ionization helps protect sensitive electronic devices from ESD damage. Many Industries utilize Ionization equipment including Medical/Life Science, Electronics, Defense, Optics, Space, Semi-Conductor, Flat Panel Display and more.

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Ionizers at Midwest Production Supply

Midwest Production Supply is a master distributor for Simco-Ion who is an industry leader in Ionization Equipment. We have a number of ways to help you keep your controlled environment clear of foreign material, including the following.

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