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Dry Wipes

Dry Wipes

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Dry cleanroom wipes are specialized wipes designed for use in cleanroom environments where the concentration of airborne particles must be kept to a minimum. These wipes are used to clean surfaces, equipment, and materials to maintain cleanliness and sterility in controlled environments.

Dry cleanroom wipes are typically made from non-shedding, low-linting materials such as polyester, polypropylene, or cellulose. They are designed to be used dry, without the addition of any cleaning agents or solutions.

Dry cleanroom wipes are available in a range of sizes and styles, including square or rectangular sheets, roll formats, and folded formats. They may also be packaged in various configurations such as bulk packages or individually wrapped to minimize the risk of contamination.

When using dry cleanroom wipes, it is important to follow proper wiping and disposal procedures to minimize the risk of contamination. Wipes should be discarded after a single use, and users should avoid touching other surfaces or their face while using them.

Overall, dry cleanroom wipes play a critical role in maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of cleanroom environments. Their proper selection, use, and disposal are essential for ensuring the hygiene and safety of products and processes in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, and aerospace.