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Berkshire is one of the most reliable brands in the Cleanroom industry, and are well known for their extensive selection of high-quality Wipes. They also have a wide variety of other cleanroom products such as apparel, mops, and swabs available to buy online.

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Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom and controlled environment consumable products. They provide customers with technically advanced materials aimed at application performance.  Also, they focus on total solutions that consistently minimize the risk of product and process contamination.

Quality Standards

BERKSHIRE CORPORATION was the first US manufacturer of contamination control products to receive the certificate of registration to an ISO 9001 standard, so they pride themselves on its ongoing commitment to quality.

This process ensures Berkshire customers are using world’s cleanest, most consistent products — products that are truly “Engineered Clean.”

Corrective & Preventive Action System

Berkshire is committed to the constant adherence to and improvement of the following methods and principles of process control:

  • Vertical Integration of the Raw Material Supply with Berkshire Processes
  • Dedicated Processing Equipment
  • Process Management Plans
  • Raw Material Specifications
  • Supplier Testing Coupled with Incoming Inspection
  • Change Control Management
  • Change Validation
  • Closed-Loop Corrective Action in Excursion Management
Process Capability

Berkshire ensures delivery of the highest quality and most consistent products through constant focus and improvement in the following method and principle of process control.

Statistical Process Control

To determine whether a process is operating within appropriate limits, Berkshire Corporation employs Statistical Process Control (SPC). Therefore, using statistical techniques, they monitor the quality of their processes and products to ensure the delivery of the highest-quality and most consistent products possible.

Their statistically developed control limits provide critical parameters for real-time analysis, monitoring, and alarm with regard to critical process inputs. An in-house metrology enables the measurement and testing of their critical process parameters and product characteristics, and statistical analysis then enables trend review and continuous improvement validation.

Midwest Production Supply is a leading distributor of Berkshire cleanroom products including wipes, glove liners, mops, swabs, tacky mats, bleach tablets, masks and socks.